Emergency 3

Emergency 3

Emergency 3 is an strategy game developed by Sixteen Toons Entertainment
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Emergency 3 is an strategy game developed by Sixteen Toons Entertainment.
In this game you are the head of a rescue team. You are going to face car accidents, explosions, fire and a lot of dangerous missions.

In fact, you will find 20 missions and you will be able to choose between the single player mode and the free play mode. Each of one, with different assignments.
You will have to command different units as police, fireman and so on. At the beginning of every mission you will have an introduction which will be very helpful, and of course, the exact sequence of steps that you must do to complete the mission.

There's also an external scenario editor that allows you to create your own maps and missions. You can create as detailed of a scenario as you want, or even edit existing scenarios. You will feel the adrenaline almost every time.

Graphics and sound:
The graphics are very well done and the scenarios are amazing. The sound effects are impressive and the soundtrack is nice.

To sum up, if you want to be a hero this is your game.

María Noel Balla
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  • Great scenarios and impressive sound effects


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